About South Africa


The weather at this time of the year in the City of Ekurhuleni is sunny during the day and cool at night. Rainfall is unlikely, although there may be occasional brief thunderstorms. The average temperature is approximately 24˚C. Temperatures can range between 8 to 25˚C.


Business or traditional attire is appropriate for meetings and evening events. Casual dress and comfortable shoes are suggested for the excursions.


Most major international currencies can be exchanged at the airport, hotels and nearby banks. Rates of exchange might vary slightly from one institution to another. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels and most shops.

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities will be available. The cost of treatment of conditions other than those which are routine and minor, is the responsibility of the delegate. We wish all delegates a healthy stay.


All delegates are encouraged to take travel insurance.

Address: Parliament of South Africa, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town 8000, South Africa
+27(0) 72 961 5978