The objectives of the 9th BRICS PF Assembly reflect a multifaceted commitment to collaboration, partnership, and progress. By convening under the theme "Harnessing Multilateralism and Parliamentary Diplomacy to Deepen BRICS and Africa Partnership for accelerated implementation of the Africa Free-Trade Agreement," the assembly underscores the determination of BRICS nations and Africa to shape a world characterized by shared prosperity, cooperative diplomacy, and collective advancement. Through focused discussions, informed decisions, and cultural exchange, the assembly seeks to lay the foundation for a brighter future built upon dialogue, diplomacy, and meaningful action.

Objectives of the 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum Assembly

The 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum (BRICS PF) Assembly is driven by a comprehensive set of objectives that align with the theme, "Harnessing Multilateralism and Parliamentary Diplomacy to Deepen BRICS and Africa Partnership for accelerated implementation of the Africa Free-Trade Agreement." These objectives reflect the commitment of BRICS nations and Africa to mutual growth, collaboration, and regional development.

Strengthened BRICS-Africa Collaboration

Objective: The assembly seeks to enhance the partnership between BRICS nations and Africa, emphasizing shared values, mutual interests, and the collective commitment to fostering economic growth and sustainable development across the region.

Accelerated Implementation of the Africa Free-Trade Agreement

Objective: By aligning parliamentary efforts, the assembly aims to expedite the implementation of the Africa Free-Trade Agreement. This objective underscores the importance of fostering increased intra-African trade, economic integration, and prosperity through collaborative policy actions.

Enhanced Parliamentary Diplomacy

Objective: Through focused discussions and active engagement, parliamentary representatives will gain a deeper understanding of their pivotal role in shaping international relations and influencing policy decisions. The objective is to empower these representatives to contribute more effectively to global diplomacy and cooperation.

Policy Alignment and Harmonization

Objective: The assembly intends to encourage BRICS nations to align their policies and strategies with regional and global priorities. By promoting policy coherence and harmonization, the objective is to facilitate a more effective approach to multilateral cooperation and problem-solving.

Informed Decision-Making

Objective: The assembly aims to equip participants with comprehensive insights into key global issues, challenges, and opportunities. This objective underscores the importance of informed decision-making that takes into account the diverse needs and aspirations of constituents, fostering effective governance.

Cultural Exchange and People-to-People Bonds

Objective: Beyond formal diplomatic endeavours, the assembly recognizes the significance of cultural exchange and building strong people-to-people bonds. This objective aims to foster understanding, friendship, and a sense of shared identity among nations, transcending geographical boundaries.

Address: Parliament of South Africa, 90 Plein Street, Cape Town 8000, South Africa
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